Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fashions That Fit

Wouldn’t it be great to try on a pair of pants and have them fit right over all your curves?  And how about your blouse, does it gape at the neckline, is it a bit too snug over the bust, is the dart in the right place or is it missing one? Is the armhole too low, too large, is the sleeve cap too tight, is the sleeve too long/short? Where does the shoulder end? Ladies it’s time to stand up and demand what you want. If you continue to settle, they won’t change the way they operate.
Now’s the time for a long, loud yell, where are the styles?
Thirty years ago, in the 80s a new breed of women, labeled-plus size but confident and secure with her size and curves, started demanding fashion for her taste level and lifestyle, and got it. Now we’re once more at an impasse. If you’re a plus size, you’ve got a fair choice, but a plus petite, we’re back in the 80s, or so it seems.
Fit Expert and patternmaker, Claudette Grant says the most common misconception about petite fashions is that they’re designed for the tiny woman 0-4. Petite sizing has nothing to do with size but is actually based on height. So a woman 5-ft-4 or under, regardless of wearing a size 2 or 22, is still a petite. So many women are petite without realizing it, actually about 67% of the female population, the last survey done.
It is said that majority rules and if that’s the case, why do we have such a hard time finding fashionable, stylish clothing
Most high-profile manufacturers have a plus size line and there are even specialty stores but we’re still left out in the cold if you’re not one or the other. If you’re ready for a change, have it custom made. If you’re tired of trying on clothing that’s too long or too tight or just disproportionate to your body-or styled too young for your 50 something body, try Couture +. Designed by a petite, who knows the challenges petites face to find that (1) piece that transforms your look into what you’ve always dreamed it could be.
  Pick your strongest fashion asset and concentrate on that. Do you have great legs-----show them off in a tailored pencil skirt? Do you have great skin------find your best color and show it off in draped, Grecian styles for the curves you have. Gorgeous clothing for the curvaceous, voluptuous, Rubenesque, a woman who just happens to be petite and wants options.

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  1. Hi Cladette. Thanks for directing me to your blog. My problem is finding something stylish for my 60 year old size 14 body @ 5'8". Everything is made for skinny young girls, short sleeves are to short, sleeves on size appropriate knits tops are to tight. Tops are my biggest problem as I only wear jeans on the bottom. Have not worn a dress in 5 years (live on a homestead) but would like something in my closet if I need one. I have tried some catalogs for larger gals but the styles don't work for me (do not like blouses that look like they are for expecting moms). So I am looking forward to learning how to make a sloper. My daughter has issues in the lower part, large hips and tiny waist. So perhaps I can help her as well.